Staycation in the City

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Thanks to Gushcloud and their awesome giveaways, I managed to win a staycation at klapsons Boutique Hotel. I work at Tanjong Pagar area so I decided to check-in on a Friday, it's quite timely since it's also DFW weekend and I'm watching Run After that Friday evening.

I was actually quite surprised as it didn't really feel like a boutique hotel - the lobby was massive with high ceiling. Before I checked-in, they contacted me asking if I am willing to be featured as one of the "Faces of klapsons", that came with a questionnaire which made me reflect and think about what my favorite spot in the hotel and the differentiating factor of the hotel.

My favorite spot is the photo below - there are different couch sets in the lobby. You get to choose which couch would suit your personality or your mood for the day. Obviously my mood was "Runway Chic" so I shamelessly spread my legs on one of the couches.

This is the photo of the Executive Room, there is a transparent shower right smack the middle of the room. So unless you're bringing your significant other or a person you're super comfortable showering "with" - this type of room is not for you. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it!

Apart from favorite spots, I also have a favorite experience - Not having to pay anything from the mini bar. Yup, the canned softdrinks are free which made one very happy fiancĂ©. I read in one of their brochures that if you check in at midnight you get a sweet surprise! We actually called the reception when we got back at like 11pm and they said it's only for those late check-in types.

The next morning we had breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino - I had crab cake benedict and I love it.
the crab cake wasn't floury at all though the hollandaise was very creamy for my taste. But it's a hefty meal which could probably last me the entire day. It came with juice, coffee or tea and fruits, cereals and yogurt selection. We spent around 2 hours at the Sleeping Rhino getting our coffee fix (or three).


It was a very quiet morning since it was a Saturday and I could imagine the hotel to be busy during regular weekdays since it's located in the CBD anyways. I would recommend the hotel to business travelers, urban travelers and city-people like myself.


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