Farcent Freshener and Diffusers

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Who doesn’t like coming home to a house that smells super good? Especially when you’re out in the blazing sun all day long and sweating like crazy.  I like burning candles and diffusing scents because it relaxes me and helps me concentrate when I need to be more mindful. I use it when I meditate, when I’m reading a book, or doing household chores.  I rarely buy in Singapore because the brand I like is super expensive here and there’s nothing I like in the local offering. 

I was so happy to be gifted by Sample Store the Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF) – perfumed sachets and perfumed diffuser just when my stash needs updating. The following scents were offered to me, Star Magnolia, Freesia & English Pear and Sea Salt & Wood Sage. The products are available in a diffuser and sachet.

  • Made from Japanese plant deodorizer
  • It is shaped like a perfume bottle so it can easily blend well with my fixtures and displays
  • It can last for up to 2 months

  • Super convenient and mobile – just throw it in your cabinet to freshen your clothes, your bedside or inside your card
  • The scent can last up to a month

My favourite scent

I shared in my insta-stories that I am biased towards Sea Salt & Wood Sage, I super like sage. It’s the kind of scent though that either you love or hate. I’ve gifted my friends and my mother sage candles before and they were thisclose to returning it back. The good thing about LPF freshener is they’ve mixed it Sea Salt, to tone down the must. I have decided to use this scent in my walk-in wardrobe which triples up as my meditation room and content creation room. Whilst I’ve placed the freshener in our shoe-room. 

The Freesia & English Pear is my next favourite scent, this is actually the scent of my perfume but lighter. I decided to place this in my living room which is the most used area in my house – this is where we hangout and Ichi, my dog rooms there. It’s not too strong to overpower the food when we’re eating or even irritable to my dog (she is very sensitive). I also blends well with my frames, don’t you think? I hung the sachet on the door knob of our guest room.

Finally, Star Magnolia. This reminds me of morning dew or the botanic gardens. I decided to put it beside my nightstand because it’s refreshing to smell in the morning and not to strong to disrupt your sleep (or your dreams!). I’ve decided to put the freshener in my gym bag, because you know why.

Eager to try out one or all?
You can buy them on Sample Store. There is a special promotion for members – Diffuser at $9.90 (u.p. $12.90) and perfumed sachets at $4.90 (u.p. $5.90). Alternatively, you can also buy them from Fairprice, Sheng Shiong as well as Qoo10 and Lazada.

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