I got a puppy!

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For as long as I can remember I wanted to get a puppy. The last dog I had is Jacky, a Japanese Spitz whom I had for 12 years. I was so sad when he passed away just as I was finishing university. I couldn’t bear myself to replace Jacky and also wasn’t sure I could  be responsible to care for a dog. I used to live with my family and therefore chores care shared amongst us plus a helper. Fast forward to more than a decade after, I decided I am ready again so I got a Shiba Inu. When people ask me why a Shiba Inu:
1.       They’re super adorable. When I first brought home Ichi (meaning the numerical one in Japanese) I honestly didn’t do anything but stare and play with her all day long. I didn’t flick through social media or watched Netflix, heck I didn’t even work out. As if nothing else matters.
2.       They can be loyal. Caveat – when you train them well. Otherwise these cuddlies can never be trusted to be off-leash.
3.       They are very stubborn as a dog breed. But I mean, who isn’t? So I think in terms of personalities it’s a match made in heaven! You just need to establish that master-dog relationship  and socialise it with other dogs as much as you can.

So after sniffing the house clean for the first hour or so, the next thing she did was to pee and poop! Oh yeah, I forgot they did that. But I was so headstrong because I read everything I can to prepare myself for indoor potty training. I live in a condo and unless my dog learns how to use the lift, then she can’t possibly use the loo. There were times where I’m like “ughhhhh, not again”. But this is just part of the process and you just have to be patient I guess. I’ve been collaborating with Sample Store for quite some time now and I’m just super happy there’s a product for pets and so I jumped on the opportunity - Shanseed's Natural Camellia Seed Pet Stain and Odour Remover.

Because puppies are small, naturally they also have very small bladders and they have to go every 2 hours. While I patiently train Ichi, there are accidents and it’s really messy and smelly. Made with Natural Mountain Camellia Seed Extract, it is super safe for pets and kids. It uses enhanced bio-enzymatic process to break down organic waste such as the smell of urine, providing an anti-bacterial and fresh environment for your pets. Other ingredients include hinoki essential oil, rose essence, coconut oil, plant phytoncide, natural sea salt and pure water. I read the ingredients from cover to cover and Googled for any allergens to Shiba Inu and I can safely say that this is safe.

It is also very simple to use:

1.       Wipe the affected area with a paper towel.
2.       Spray the product once or twice from a distance of 30-40 cm
3.       Wait for it to dry for around 3-5 mins
4.       Wipe the excess product

I have now placed The Shanseed's Natural Camellia Seed Pet Stain and Odour Remover within an easy reach so I can react quickly when I need it. The Shanseed's Natural Camellia Seed Pet Stain and Odour Remover is available via WORLDiBUY, a cross-border e-commerce platform from Taiwan. They are working with over 25 channels globally and ship to over 100 countries, allowing you to buy products from different parts of the world anytime, anywhere! Get some free samples today.


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