Restore respiratory balance with i-Balance Botanical Respir-All

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I’ve been going outdoors more than ever. Weekends where I usually spend at home, I now take outdoors because I walk my pooch twice a day (who just turned 5 months today!). I teach yoga in various studios as a substitute which means I travel to the deep ends of Singapore. My lungs are at risk because I am exposed to various environmental agents. Air pollution certainly interferes with aspecific and specific lung defences, thus facilitating the development of pulmonary diseases. Airborne disease can further weaken your lungs. Second-hand smoke when going out at night and enclosed spaces is another factor that is very hard to avoid.

i-Balance Botanical Respir-All is a product from Taiwan that contains Astaxanthin which is anti-oxidant and contain Echinacea to boost immune system. It helps to reduce inflammation of lung, relieves cough, reduces phlegm. It also makes breathing fresh and smooth.

One sachet is all you need daily, I personally mix mine with a little water but you can take it in in a powder form. It is suitable for people who engage in outdoor activities, works in industrial area, smokes or have lower metabolism rate.

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