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Raise your hand if you buy your beauty products online? I have my stash of k-beauty, j-beauty and t-beauty, but there’s a new category of products that’s slowly taking over my beauty shelf – a-beauty (a.k.a. Australian- beauty)
Enter, Glovida. Glovida isn’t new to our shores. In fact they’ve been operating since 2016. Glovida is made up of the words "Glow" and "Vida", which means "Life: in Spanish. Their brand promise is to empower their customers to embrace life and live life healthier. And that, they do so much.The first thing that drew me to Glovida is the range of Australian products that are hard-to-get in Singapore or otherwise too expensive. I don’t travel to Australia often, nor do I have friends who can haul some products back for me. While there’s no shortage of beauty and health stores, only a few carry Australian brands. My personal favourites are thank you, Vasse Virgin and Sukin. They also carry other mainstream brands such as Thursday Plantation and Y-Not Natural. What I love about Australian skincare brands where a lot of it is actually organic, plant-based and natural and while that might demand a heftier price tag it’s better for your body.

If you’ve been following me for quite some time now, you know that I have eczema and therefore very selective with the products that I use. I was quite used to using synthetic and steroid-base creams as a kid but learned that it’s not good for you in the long run. A combination of eating healthy, living well and using natural products have helped me manage my skin condition.
Another unique selection that they have is the “Health” section that carries a vast selection of vitamins, supplements and other over-the-counter home remedies. I mean, who likes visiting the pharmacy for these things?
The “Clinic Selections” is also a good place to check out. Cult brands such as Acuralle, Ceradan, Neostrata, and Heliocare are available. Heliocare Ultra Orals in 30s is only $55 per box and I remember my Derma selling the same thing at $80.
Okay enough talk, here’s my Glovida haul and why I love each one of them:
It's like sunblock in a capsule. It's super convenient. I've personally been taking this for almost a year now.

It's like having a luxurious spa at home. The hint of chamomile and Lavender makes bath time more relaxing S$23.30

I've placed this inside my guest bathroom, but the scent is so addictive I could very well put it in every bathroom in my house S$26.00.

After an intensive work out or after a long day at work - this is the kind of body wash I'd like to use S$11.90

Sukin is now becoming a household name and not without any reason. There products are free from: Sulphates, Parabens, Synthetic fragrances, Animal derivatives, harsh detergents, Propylene Glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine and mineral oils not to mention only $25 for 1L at Glovida.
Ready to purchase?
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