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It's no secret - I love Japan! I visit the country at least once every year. I love everything from food, places, people, and shopping! 

Japan is known not only for their craving-worthy food but also for their high-quality and innovative products. So when Sample Store informed me that Everthingfrom.JP  a platform for customers outside of Japan to purchase Japanese made and traditional Japanese products is now available via SS, I quickly raised my hands to review their products. And since I love traveling, I was gifted travel accessories for my 3 week holiday in Bali.

The products are traditional, handmade and made up of high-quality materials.
This is not something you can get from a discount Japanese store or from China.

Double sided earrings anyone? Yes it's very unique. Even the hooks for the earrings are unusual. I love earrings but it's the first time I see his kind of hook.

The designs are really unique but at the same time wearable. There's no use in buying something special if you cannot wear it.

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