Monochromatic love affair and Haach Sponsorship

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I haven’t done a fashion post lately and I’ve been very lazy writing a blog post, so I’m going to try to bring my groove back. Especially since the month of June is my birthday and I expect it to very festive *hint hint*  Been going crazy with everything oversize and exaggerated lately and I’m now opting for plain colours instead of printed materials.
The bell sleeve is all the rage and everybody is wearing them – tops, dresses, long sleeves and short sleeves there’s also the puff sleeves movement which I am a fan of!

Picture yourself like myself stuck in the office for 8 hours, obviously you don’t want your movements to be restricted and the puff sleeves can actually be your best friend. This was actually taken last Friday, I was such in a happy mood because I was heading to Haach after to try their signature Oxygeneo treatment. A short review is available on Mefitted!

Top is from Soeursco, it's my first time buying from them and this top is freesize, the leggings I had this since my days in Manila which was more than 6 years ago, shoes of the moment is Superga 2950 in all-white!

Haach OxyGeneo Review
Located at the heart of the CBD and in the very cosmopolitan and chic M-Hotel, Haach Premium Spa, Face, Skin & Body Care is not your typical upscale spa. For starters, the staff is very friendly and accommodating but also because Haach aims to keep their products and services upbeat with the current trends, READ: K-beauty. I was very happy I got invited to try the 75 minute OxyGeneo treatment. I read the brief and it says that one of the known benefits of the treatment is the achievement of a  V-shape face and so I was immediately sold. OxyGeneo delivers 3 essential treatments simultaneously which are exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation.  The treatment got its inspiration from the hot springs, because as we know hot springs induces oxygenation. A very oxygenized skin is one that is healthy and glowing, and obviously I’d like to achieve that. To mimic the flow of the water in the hot springs, the OxyGeneo applicator was designed to degas the C02 bubbles from the each of the products used to make infusing more effective.
I was offered tea upon arrival :)

Every room is spacy, yet cozy! mine even had a shower inside

Still with make-up

Like any typical facial, it starts with the cleansing - make-up is removed and the dirt and hard-to-remove oil is wiped cleaned. Then the OxyGeneo machine was used to scrub off the face clean. Then the treatment process begun, a clear gel-like serum was applied to my face, again the OxyGeneo applicator was used but the movements were now slower. Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads are essential in this process too, although it’s a bit painful.  After the repeated circular movements on my face were done, a face mask was applied on my face to lock-in all the goodness and minerals from the product and before I was sent off, I was given a nice little back rub.

What I love about the treatment is the use of the OxyGeneo machine – I really felt that the products were infused and absorbed better by my skin compared if it was done manually. I could feel my skin soft and supple even after 3 days after! I could not really tell though if my face is already taking the shape of a V, since I only did it for one session, I would imagine you would need to do this regularly. Treatments like this though comes with a high price tag, UP $580, but there’s an ongoing promo where you can enjoy it for only $48.

See my photos for the differences, as you can see, my face isn’t really smooth and blemish-free. I came with a zit, but after two days- it was gone! I could only associate it with the treatment since I didn’t really do anything special.

81 Anson Road Level 11. Singapore 079908.
T (65) 6223 5885
Operating Hours Mon to Sun 10.30am-9pm

The outlet is a few blocks away from Tanjong Pagar MRT and is easily accessible by multiple buses


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Note : The treatment at Haach was sponsored