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So much love for my post-wedding short hair! Been fantasizing on cutting it for the longest time, but I just couldn’t because of my wedding. But finally after the wedding I was ready to storm the salon and cut 80% of my hair. Didn’t hesitate for even a second because I was so looking forward to saving on hair products, cutting down on my blow dry time and just sporting a new look after 4 years of looking the same.

I was extremely pleased with my shoulder-length hair so after almost two months, I thought maybe it’s time to get crazy again. I collaborated with The Comb Hair Studio this time round, I went there with the expectation of doing C-curls (okay, I admit I’m not very adventurous) but then Senior Hairstylist, Cici, talked me into doing an S-curl instead to spice things up a bit. I agreed! And voila, the results are below!

The C-curl/S wave treatment is called the Magic Setting at The Comb, for the length of my hair it would usually cost S$300. Depending on your hair type, the treatment would usually last for 6 months. The entire procedure took 2 hours and a half, but I wasn’t bored at all as I’ve been happily drinking coffee and sipping juice (you are given a beverage menu once you settle down) Been also chatting with Cici who shared with me some tips on how to care for your hair and how to style it after showering. 

The procedure started with her cutting my hair to my desired length and then I was sent to have my hair washed and then the curling rods-machine (I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called) was attached to my hair to hold the curls. This last step may have been the longest for around 45 minutes.

My hair was checked every 10 minutes to ensure that the treatment is not excessive and therefore damaging hair. Then my hair was dried and a product was applied to soften the curls. Washed again and the blow dried and finally trimmed a bit to style it nicely.

I’ve been wearing my new hair for a week now, and it’s very low maintenance. After I wet my hair, I actually don’t need to blow dry and style it. As for the products, what helped for me is applying a little bit of Argan oil to make it smoother and shiny. After a few months, the curls on my hair will loosen and straighten a bit, so when that happens you need to style your hair a bit and add more products to it.

With my hairstylist, Cici

If magic setting is not for you, fret not. They have mostly all the services, highlights, perm, volume rebonding, the usual wash,  style and cut and a lot more. There's a year-round promotion going on for digital perm and volume rebonding at only S$168.

The Comb Singapore is located at 12 Gemmill Lane, S069252. A few steps away from Telok Ayer MRT and tuck within the quaint CBD neighbourhood. 


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