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Married for almost a month now but It’s not all fluff and fun, just went through the roughest January of my entire life. Before the wedding, I went for an Illuminate facial at Porcelain Face Spa at Orchard Gateway. This is not my first time at this outlet, I went for a 30-minute pick me up facial before and I loved it to bits. I went there not expecting anything and I came out glowing – you can literally see that your face looks healthier.
So when another opportunity came for me to work with them, I knew I just had to try it.

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The signature Porcelain Illuminate facial is a 90-minute treatment that uses an exclusive technology that is only available at Porcelain Aesthetics in Singapore. The technique aims to give you ultimate age-reversing and brightening treatment in just five steps.

But before I share my experience, let me share a little bit about the venue. Porcelain Face Spa has two branches in Singapore – one is tucked away in the quaint Cantonment shop house lane and the other one is right at the hustle and bustle of Orchard (Orchard Gateway) I picked the latter location although it’s smaller in space because of travel convenience, plus I can opt to go right after yoga. I practice at a studio in Orchard Central.

I love that the outlet is bright – it overlooks Somerset road and the bright afternoon sun that beams inside the spa has the lifting-up effect. You also won’t feel claustrophobic and tense while sipping your hot tea. Back to the procedure.

First step is Oxy-Diamante Microdermabrasion, after removing my make-up and cleansing my face. The very gentle microdermabrasion procedure was done to remove the dry outermost layer of the skin.

Second step is the Vinotherapy. Yes you guessed it right, the ingredients that were used is made of Grape Wine, it is said to be effective in exfoliating and providing the right amount of antioxidant to the skin.

The third step is the Oxypulse Massage wherein an equipment is used and Floral Essence is applied which helps in the anti-ageing process, provides anti-oxidant and helps with the skin firming.

The fourth step is the Oxygen Therapy which basically hydrates the skin.

The final and most important step is actually the mask – it seals the procedure, locks in the moisture and keeps the skin healthy for an extended period of time.

Before I left, I was given products to try for a month. The products are very specific to my skin type which is basically dry. I’m not really a fan of applying products on my skin because it’s very time consuming and it makes me feel very sticky. But since my experience with Porcelain Face Spa is very good so far, I decided to give it a try. The ingredients are of the highest imported quality and is fit to the Asian skin and Singapore weather. It’s very light and you can apply make-up over it. I realized that it doesn’t really take as much time as I anticipated once you get the flow and the routine working.

Overall the treatment worked wonders for me and it worked instantaneously as well. Of course, good treatments like this one comes with a price tag. The Illuminate facial is marked at S$400+ per session.

5 days after using the products
15 days after using the products

21 days after using the products

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