Domino's Cheese Burst Crust - New flavours

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I feel literally empty because I lost my SD card with 2 months worth of photos that I haven't sift through and I have not backed up. Also, my blogging access (for some weird reason) have not been available for almost 3 weeks. So I apologise in advance that this blog post would not have any visuals.

I’ve been following a strict diet and exercise regime for my wedding in January, up until e-mailed me about a collaboration with Domino’s pizza. I sunk in my seat, helpless as I read the details of the e-mail. I surrendered to my craving and said yes. Yes, I’ll be there with my empty stomach.

Along with a few other bloggers, we got to try the freshly-released Fiery and Smoky cheese burst crusts. I’m a sucker for pizzas, anything spicy and cheese (I add cheese with almost everything I cook) and if you tell me, you’re putting them all together? That’s it – take my money.

The event started with the usual media event introductions, Linda Hassan, Marketing Senior Manager for Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia brought out the pizza and I salivated instantly. They also shared with us the unreleased TVC.  After the introductions, I could already hear my tummy grumbling. To prepare myself for that evening’s feasting I didn’t have anything at all that day except for 2 cups of coffee and 2 soft-boiled eggs so you could imagine I was famished! So after my fellow bloggers took photos I was ready to dive in to take a slice or four, but like all things in life, you have to wait more. We started off with a game, being the competitive person that I was, I set aside my hunger and concentrated on making the perfect tune out of the words - Fiery and Smoky Cheese Burst Crust. I think our group, Spicy Girls (named by yours truly) did a fairly good job and so did the judges, so they crowned us winners!

And then we ate. My photos don’t really do justice to the flavor and colourful ingredients that I was able to experience and I wouldn't be able to share them anyway because of aforementioned reasons. The two new flavours that were launched were the Chilli Cheese Burst crust, it features crushed red chillies sprinkled over a layer of cheddar cheese sauce and the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust. I prefer the latter better as the tomato sauce and BBQ sauce creates a yummy mix of sweet and spicy!

The classic side orders were also available for feasting, like the barbeque chicken wings, Napolitana Baked Meatballs, and Breadstix.  Because there is always room for desserts, I tried the Banana Kaya dessert - I will never look at kaya the same way again! I love it. After eating we played two rounds of games – the first is pass the message and the other one is creating sentences using none other than words relating to the new pizza releases at Domino’s.

I went home five pounds heavier and with 5 Domino’s pizza vouchers which I will be definitely be using for our housewarming party! Sorry if I made you hungry and crave for Pizza :)
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