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My type of work encourages me to put on make-up and look my best. I used the word encourages instead of requires because I personally don't want to look like the kiss of death when I face my internal clients. After a long day of wearing make-up, I see to it that I remove every inch of it to allow my skin to breathe before I shower or before I hit the gym. I've tried countless types of make-up removers in the market from drugstore brands, to gel, alcohol and oil-based etc. I know what works well with my dry skin. I need a make-up remover that not only removes my waterproof and heavy-duty make up but something that moisturises as well. I joined Creme Simon as an ambassador last May, but I only had the opportunity to talk about the products just now. My two favorites has got to be the toner and the make-up remover.

After removing your make-up, be sure to apply some toner as well. People often skip this important part, but you shouldn't. Apart from the fact that it helps to clean spots you haved missed out it also brings back the lost moisture to your skin. Well, at least that's how I feel about it.

A coin drop is enough to cover my eyes area

I don't know about you, but I always start with my eyes, and then lips

Tada! See what I got with just a few swipes
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So I mentioned about putting make-up on a daily basis, and my favorite has got to be eyeliners! They say, eyes are the windows to the soul, so why don't we decorate that window?

There are two things I can't step out of the house without - concealer and eyeliner. Just like my make-up removers, I have also tried various eyeliners. From pencils you need to sharpen, paint type, powder based, gel and liquid. My top 3 requirements for eyeliners are - it should be deep black, easy to apply and waterproof. I found it all in SANA's Super Quick Melty Gel Pencil, apart from ticking off my 3 non-negotiables it is also retractable and gentle to the eyes (it's not piercing). The size of the lead is 2mm, so you can easily draw different kinds of shapes or outlines. I personally draw in my waterline for a natural finish and I smudge it using a brush for the smoky eyes effect.

Retractable, Waterproof, 2mm lead, Easy to apply. Need I say more?

This product is available at SASA, BHG and John Little at S$22.90. Ongoing giveaway until 9th of August visit @sanasgp Instragram account.


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