EnzSerum: What is?

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I’ve struggled with weight management in the past (3 years ago) and I have adopted a healthy lifestyle ever since. I work out regularly, sparing 4-6 hours a week at the gym or running. I also try to eat clean eg. Eating organic salad leaves without dressing (just a little lemon squeeze), cooking the food by steaming or boiling (instead of frying). 

I was introduced to EnzSerum by Jbeautybyjj which is basically a fat-reducing serum. The main ingredient is Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine, it sounds so serious and scary but it’s actually natural and comes from soy lecithin. It has the capability of destroying fat cell membrane, removing the triglyceride therefore exterminating fat cells. The Coenzyme A and Vitamin BT (Carmitine) will then proceed to gently eliminate the fatty acid. 

Each of us has different fat concentration and since it is a serum you can apply it on any body part you want, whether your waist, belly, arms, or thighs. I chose to apply it on my flabby arms and thighs. Ever since the “thigh-gap” phenomenon came it to play, I’ve doubled my thigh workout so it wouldn’t hurt to try applying some EnzSerum around that area. I also feel quite insecure of my arms so that’s another target area for me.

Applying it is very easy, I apply two drops of the serum (each drop is the size of a 50cents coin) to each of my thighs and one drop on each of my arms. 

When you order one bottle it automatically comes with a massager. I use the massager to help me thoroughly spread the serum and cover my targeted areas. It also feels good especially after a long work out.  It is advised to apply EnzSerum twice a day, one after bathing and another application after sleeping. Don’t worry, you can leave the serum on your body. Remember, it’s made of all natural ingredient!
I have only tried for a few days now but if you’re keen and interested you can get yours via whatsapp: +60 146 799 663/wechat: meslimming/Facebook: www.facebook.com/enzsexylehbyjj (free shipping to Malaysia and Singapore).  


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