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I’m so happy floppy hats and boater hats are in season, or else I wouldn’t know what to do with my thick, unruly hair. I may have a way of putting together and styling clothes, but I really suck at fixing my hair. I do own a brush, hair dryer (mom’s) and curling iron (gift) but I have a hard time operating the last two.  I have a headful of hair, and I don’t mean ordinary thick hair. I’m talking volume and weight so it gets out of shape or really heavy when it’s too long. During my collaboration discussion with In Trim Hair, they asked me what results I wanted to achieve so that they can recommend the right hair service for me.
At first I thought I needed an Argan Oil treatment but after further consultation they suggested Anti-Frizz straightening instead.  I told them my hair issue. I would like to maintain the volume or at least the illusion of volume on a daily basis through low maintenance practices (read: I don’t have time to blow dry my hair every morning). 

Anti-Frizz straightening is like putting on permanent make-up. After the treatment my hair will be shinier, frizz-free and easy to manage. She also recommended a hair cut from the senior stylist Jessie, as Jessie could layer my hair in a flattering way.
The entire process including the haircut took 3 hours. But I wasn’t bored at all as I had unlimited green tea and the salon was well-lit with interesting wall designs. I had a chat with Jessie and she said In Trim salon has been in operation for 13 years. They were previously located in Concorde hotel, however due to renovations they moved to The Aperia mall four months ago.

Here are some snaps:

First step :) Jessie and Mary both applied the Japanese product on my hair

Steaming action

Almost there

Jessie's finishing touches

After the process, all I could say is O.M.G. I really felt lighter. I think I lost around 1-2 kg there. My neck, which has been hurting for the past weeks or months now, had a breather.  I could also see that my hair was instantly shiny and it really looks healthier.  I had a haircut as well that complemented my squareish face.

Shades - Rayban | Dress - Love Bonito | Clutch - c/o WTFwearthisfashion| Blazer - Forever 21| Shoes - Zara | Nail Art - c/o Prettify Me
I feel 1 kg lighter haha

In Trim Hair
12 Kallang Avenue
The Aperia
T: 6836 3181

It’s just a short walk from Lavender MRT 


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