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Scene 1: Your alarm clock is beeping like crazy, and you mumble a litany of expletives as you finally get up. You have been snoozing the thing for half an hour,  and now you’ve got only 15 minutes left to prepare for the presentation of your lifetime. Crap, what shoes do I wear?

Scene 2: The-cute-guy-from-the-floor-upstairs finally asked you out. He told you to meet him later at 8:00 pm, and now you need new heels because you don’t want to have that awkward height situation. Gosh, what’s the shoe that I should get without spending on new clothes?

Scene 3: That well-deserved vacation trip is happening on Saturday and you can hardly wait any longer! You’ve been slaving away at work to finish your deliverables so you haven’t packed yet. Boyfriend said you need to pack light, and for real this time. Errr, which shoes should I bring?

I’m sure that you have been in one or all of these situations - I know I have. It’s a constant struggle for me to keep a balance between being in season and preventing my shoe closet from overflowing. Not to mention the time it takes to decide on which shoes to wear. I would like to share with you my top picks for this season that would make an outfit look more current.
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1.       The block heel

Thanks to high street giant Zara, ladies traded in their stilettos for block heels and I’m personally a fan. Clumsy Me keeps on tripping on street gaps with my tiny stiletto heels, so the added stability of block heels is a God-send. Pick one with an ankle cuff to make it sexier. This could work well for both a day and a night number as well as casual and formal. It especially looks darn well with folded cuff jeans!

Here’s mine:


As mentioned, Zara has these pairs as a staple and I got mine during the recent sale

Zara purchased on sale for S$19.90 (RP 89.90)

Zara purchased on sale for S$ 19.90 (RP S$149)

H&M purchased from the US $34.90


2.       Them mules

Mules are back with vengeance thanks to Alexander Wang. Similar to Shoe #1, this could work well either as a day or night footcandy, especially now with the Sports Luxe feel. If you feel like standing out, pick out a pastel colour or red. Otherwise you could stick to the basics – black and white.

I could not afford an AW pair so I chose to go local with a Charles and Keith (RP S$53.90)

Top and Skinnies c/o Reigndane | Bag - Colette Hayman

H&M Purchased on sale S$40 (RP 99.90)
3.       Platform shoes

The spice girls may have disbanded in the late 90s (*In Ted Mosby voice* Kids, Spice Girls was a British girl group which Victoria pre-Beckham was a member of), but platforms are back in more androgynous forms like oxfords, loafers, brogues and sneakers. It graced NYFW SS14 runway, making models look taller than ever. High-end mega fashion brand Celine produced their very own in black and white (yummy!). Pick silver to make the outfit current and pair it with, well, anything! (Refer to "Borrowed from the Boys" entry)
Charles and Keith purchased on sale for $29.90
4.       MANdals

No need to think hard! It’s man plus sandals. Have you resurrected your Birkenstocks yet? When I was younger (think ‘96-’98) I used to wear Birks with white socks on. Why I did that, I would never know.  Normcore made us ladies see men’s sandals in a different light! We always thought that we could only look pretty in heels and cutesy-looking sandals but we were mistaken! Again, Zara produced these for SS14 and we’ve seen celebrities doing their errands in slippers, and it didn’t look bad at all. Plus they’re so comfy! I personally hope this would stay for another year, or two.

Vincci from KL approximately S$20

5.       The white sneakers

The list would not be complete without this staple. So staple in fact, that people tend to neglect the power and beauty of white sneakers. Contrary to popular belief, sneakers are not just worn for sports. They can, nay, they must be worn with dresses. It would automatically knock 5 years off your age (Trust me, I’ve been ID-ed).

Pick up a pair from Keds (where else?) and start shifting from ballet flats to white sneakers. Be wary of where you’re stepping though, as maintaining the colour is a tough task!
City Sneaks by Payless (Purchased for US$11)


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