Summer in NYC

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For my pilot entry, I decided to dedicate it to my one month rendezvous in NYC. Lots of things happened in there – met up with friends and family whom I haven’t seen in years, visited new places, did a lot of shopping and most importantly I got engaged! But I won’t share the engagement here yet since that requires a lot of details, feelings, photos and videos, and I am honestly still overwhelmed with the whole experience J

There’s a reason for that NYC cliché: “concrete jungle where dreams are made off” (tell me you didn’t sing that last line right there). I haven’t been to a city with a higher concentration of sidewalk artists and street performers. I haven’t been to a city with a more diverse racial mix. And I haven’t been to a city where you could experience more independent designers, high-street fashion and high-end classics within the span of a kilometre.  

I went through a self-inflicted shopping ban for 2 months before I left for NYC. Like all self-inflicted bans, there were exemptions. Like when there was an office party and I needed a dress, or when an item was at 80% off (come on!) and on my birthday (puhlease). But I was quite strict on myself on that last one, only allowing myself a birthday dress (Double whammy since Mango was having a 50% off sale at that time). Needless to say I was just itching to shop!

For this particular trip, I left on the 19th of June and vowed that I would only start swiping the card when the 4th of July drew near, since I knew there would be a lot of sales by then. True enough, H&M slashed their already discounted items by 50%, Uniqlo’s jeans were all less than $10 and I don’t think I need to even mention Zara. It was the first time I got introduced to Century 21 Department Store where I went gaga over DVF wrap dresses and Rebecca Minkoff bags

My friend from Canada and I also planned to go to Woodbury Common Outlets to purchase Kate Spade, Tory Burch and my guilty pleasure, Gap. I was only able to buy 2 items from Woodbury though – a Burberry Trench Coat and a pair of Bass shoes for Vince which unfortunately didn’t fit him.

Still feeling quite a bit deprived of outlet shopping, I managed to coerce and bribe my NYC-based girlfriend and her boyfriend to drive us to Atlantic City for more. That experience was more successful and I was able to buy gifts for my sister, niece, sister-in-law, a few things for myself and another pair of Bass shoes for Vince (which fit perfectly this time). I also went thrifting and vintage hunting around Soho and Chelsea. My favourite amongst the thrifting places was Buffalo Exchange because of the selection and price. 

Alongside wonderful memories, I’m also bringing back two pieces of luggage full of clothes and shoes which I am wearing one day at a time.

Here are some photos from the trip:
(Click on the photos to see the clearer image)
Dress - Zara | Shoes - Payless| Bag - Chanel | Necklace - H&M

Dress - Zara | Shoes - Nine West | Necklace - Lovisa | Bag - Chanel

Undershirt - Forever 21 | Blazer - H&M | Shorts - Zara | Shoes - Payless | Bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace- Mikimoto
Dress - Zara | Shoes - Payless | Bag - Chanel | Eyewear - Rayban | Watch - Rolex

Shirt - Uniqlo | Skirt - MDS Collections | Shoes - Nine West| Bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace - Century 21

Top - Express | Runners - Zara | Shoes - Payless| Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Top - Nastygal | Overalls - Unbranded | Shoes - Payless


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