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I’ve always been a girly girl but once in a while I experiment with boyish looks. One need not purchase new items to achieve this look but here are some non-negotiables:

1.       The Boyfriend Jeans

It’s called that for a reason: it automatically “masculunifies” the look. There are many considerations when purchasing a pair of BF jeans. First would be the waist - you can go high or regular. I personally prefer the high waist so it can cover my *gulp* bulge and also helps to add more shape to my body. But admittedly, regular waist is more relaxed. Second, rip or no rip. I prefer the former since it adds more character to the piece. But make sure ripped jeans are allowed at work!

Tip: You can recreate an old pair of jeans and make it more current by adding some rips yourself (take care with those scissors!) and folding it to have ankle cuffs.
(Please click on the photos for a clearer image)

Undershirt- Armani Exchange | Blazer - H&M | Necklace - Topshop| Shoes - H&M
BF jeans c/o theahautetheory

2.       Checkered Polos

Red or Green with Black are classics, preferably the velvety ones. You need not buy new ones. Just raid your brother, dad or boyfriend’s closet and I’m sure they have one of these that don’t fit them anymore. I got mine from Topshop current season.

Top - Forever 21 | Overalls - H&M | Shoes - Zara | Bag - Leibeskind Berlin| Watch - French Connection

Tip: You can either wear it open with a plain white tee or white tank or tie it around your waist

3.       Oxfords, Loafers or Sneakers

It has been rather established that men don’t wear heels (how unlucky!). Oxfords have been coming and going (have they ever left?), pick up a pair in white or silver to make the look current. Olivia Palermo was seen wearing the Sergio Rossi silver brogues 2 years back and high street brands have since been and still are producing.

Photo courtesy of
Some alternatives which you can purchase readily in Singapore:

Kally Fringe Mocassion Loafers from Topshop RP S$116 | Photo from website

Charles and Keith Zip up Loafers RP S$53.90 |Photo from website

H&M Brogues RP S$59. |Photo from website

For sneakers, it’s still safe to go with white. A pointier toe would make the look edgier.

Dress - MDS Collections | Bag - Longchamp | Shoes - City Sneaks by Payless

Tip: If you are on the short side like me, wear one with platforms

Jumpsuit - Love Bonito | Jacket - H&M |Shoes - Charles and Keith

4.       Dress suite

Who could ever forget Angelina Jolie attending the 2014 Oscars wearing a YSL tuxedo? Definitely not me! I’m personally a fan of this look since it’s very office-appropriate and corporate-y. We don’t want to get a memo from HR because of our wardrobe choices, do we? There are three elements in the dress suite: blazer, trousers and shirt. On the blazer, a loose cutting is nice since you can roll up your sleeves for a more relaxed get-up. Call me very 80s but I prefer a blazer with pads because it adds structure to an already loose body. For the bottoms, get a cigarette cut or a skinny. Skinnier pants create an illusion of elongated and slim legs. I always go to Zara to pick up my trousers since the fitting is quite standard and the skinny jeans are really skinny.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post Canada 

The shirt needs to be crisp and white. I’m personally a fan of Uniqlo shirts, because they’re easy to iron and they stay crisp for a very long time (I’ve had mine for 2 years now), so overall it’s a real value for money (S$34.90) . You can also go collar-free with a loose v-neck white shirt.

Top, Blazer, Trousers - Forever 21 | Shoes - Nine West | Watch - Rolex | Eyewear - Rayban

Tip: For the white shirts, you can either pick one from Armani if you have the cash or H&M Men’s section if you’d rather scrimp, or the men’s undershirt department!

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