My favourite coffee joints in Singapore - not for the aesthetics but for the joe

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I am a caffeine junkie. I use to consume an average of 5 cups of coffee a day and because I started experiencing adult insomnia, I tried controlling my caffeine intake to mere 2 cups (okay fine, at times I still drink 3). Because my coffee intake is limited controlled, I need to indulge the good ones. Here's my no bias, sharing is caring list of coffee joints that I really frequent sans the instagram-worthy photos:

1. Mellower Coffee at Robinson Road

Mellower Coffee is a coffee chain originally from China. Yes, I know what you're thinking. And yes, I had the same thoughts too. But I've tried their coffee and this is where 60% of my weekday coffee comes from. The beans are freshly-roasted and each cuppa is crafted to perfection. When I say perfection - heat, milk ratio, even art. I always go for a Latte here.

Tip: Get a Mellower coffee card so you just pay $3 for any espresso-based drink. Even an Iced Mocha which is originally $6.80 is down to to $3 that's more than 50% savings!

2. Huggs Coffee at GB Building, Cecil Street

I use to work near where Huggs Coffee is and I have to say I stayed loyal for almost 4 years. There's something different about a place where people know your name, your coffee order and if you're having a bad day! Customisation on my cup aside, Huggs Coffee had me at Americano. During my haydays of drinking 5 cups of coffee, I always enjoyed an Americano at Huggs. At $3.20 it's a CBD steal. But apart from the obvious win on price, the Americano isn't acidic. I have to say it's creamier than usual, without the milk. I've actually asked the barista if I can buy the beans and I can't!

Tip: Get your drink at 9:45 am so you don't need to queue for 10 mins

3. McCafe at Parkway Parade

Believe it or not. I'm sure coffee connoissuers will be smirking at this name. But McCafe at this particular outlet actually makes decent Lattes.

Tip: Download the McCafe Devotee app and you can get a free cup for every 5 cups purchased!

That's all for now ;p