The F word

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Well I’m thinking feminine care. Caring for my most intimate area is part of my daily life.  I engage in a lot of sports and I travel a lot so I need a feminine wash that is both suitable for my lifestyle and very effective. I got to try the BETADINE™ Feminine Care range via Sample Store and I was excited. It’s about time that we talk openly about something that every female has – the v word.  This is not the first time I’ve used Betadine® products of course. As a kid I played a lot and boy did I have a lot of wounds and my mom would clean them up with Betadine® so that it would heal well.

I brought the BETADINE™ Daily Feminine Wash Gentle Protection (with Immortelle) with me in London to put it to the test. Like I said, I need it to suit my lifestyle.

  • I brought the 100ml Wash Foam with me on the carry-on bag and no spills for me at all.
  • The pump comes with a plastic lid so you can bring it along everywhere without accidentally pumping the product
  • The plastic bottle is also sturdy so you don't have to worry about breaking it. 

  • One pump is generous enough to cover 2/3 of my palm
  • It smells of flora without being overpowering. I personally don’t like strong perfume-like products so this is up to my liking. Immortelle is also known as the “everlasting” flower. You know the yellow flower that is used for garlands? Apparently it contains natural antioxidants. I would never look at “everlasting” flower the same way again!
  • It’s very easy to apply and rinse

My usage

I personally pump twice (and this is the case in most of the products I use) and it feels light and not overpowering. It also rinses well, leaving my intimate area fresh, clean and moisturised. I personally use it every time I shower. I brought the wipes everywhere I went; it was specifically very useful during my 14-hour flight from Singapore to London where I didn’t have access to a shower. I felt as though I already showered afterwards. Since the weather is cold and dry, I also tend to use the bathroom a lot and the wipes was always in my handbag.

The wipes had the same scent as the foam and the wash. It didn’t dry up as the seal was very sticky. I am known to my friends as the “girl with small bladder”, so I’m very happy I kept myself clean and fresh throughout my trip.

Let’s talk about the ingredients

  • Not all bacteria are bad bacteria. The entire range of BETADINE™ Feminine Care products contain prebiotics which supports the growth of beneficial bacteria that our body needs.
  • It also contains a unique Tri-Care+™ formulation that helps maintain the natural pH balance. Based on a quick keyboard research, a pH below 7 is acidic, while a pH above 7 is basic. A normal pH is usually less than 4.5. The lower the number, the more acidic the intimate area will be.
  • Soap, paraben and colourant-fee
  • Hypoallergenic

There are two other variants in the Betadine Feminine Care range
1.      Fresh and Active (Green) contains Lemon Verbena which is native to South America. It leaves a refreshing and cooling sensation on the intimate area.
2.      Moisturising (Pink) contains Calendula which is known for its rejuvenating ability, keeping the intimate area healthy and moisturised. This is best for women with dry skin or have gone through childbirth or menopause.

These products are available on Shopee.
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