Valentines visit at The Comb

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I’m not really a fan of Valentines – it’s one of the occasions where basic things become utterly overpriced and there’s traffic jam everywhere. But not to say that I’ll be wearing a bewildered and annoyed face throughout the day. I actually enjoy watching ladies in lovely outfits, latching on carefully picked flowers. I decided to join in the celebration by doing a colour refresh at The Comb.

Morgan, the very bubbly senior stylist at the salon met up with me and then discussed my hair condition, where he shared with me that I need to already even out my hair colour also known in the hair industry as colour coverage. 2016 was all about trying new looks, new hairstyles, shorter hair, and new hair colour. Morgan decided to colour my hair Cool Brown by Marijel, to suit my tanner skin tone, I immediately agreed because I instantly built a trust connection with Morgan.  He also advised that I should wear lighter lip colour to match my tanner skin tone and new hair!

This is not my first time at Comb, so I knew what drink I wanted (haha). The place was cozy on a Thursday evening, filled with the buzzing sound of regulars sharing with their stylists updates on their lives – Chinese New Year celebration, holiday plans and Valentines. I was set to sit in the chair comfortably for 3 hours so I was excited when Morgan told me it would only take 1 hour ½! My hair was not trimmed this time, and I’ll go back another time to have it trimmed.

More about my hair colour:

During the first 3 days my hair colour seemed to be very dark actually (almost black), but Morgan said it would wash off after a few days and the “real” colour would then be revealed. When I went to work the next day (Friday) my colleagues thought I actually looked younger! And my hair healthier and shinier. Ah, the joy of being fresh out of the salon! Anyways, fast forward to 1 week after, my hair started to show signs of the cool brown and I’m an extreme happy camper!

Immediately after the treatment:

Day 1:

 Day 4:

Day 8

The Comb is a full-service salon which prides itself in trailblazing in Korean styles, previously I tried the S-curl treatment. It’s very close to the CBD. So if you’re looking to maximise your day, why not pop-in during lunch for a haircut or perhaps some highlights? Make sure to follow there Instagram account @thecombsg or their Facebook account The prices are reasonable for the quality, but they have a lot of seasonal discounts and promos!

The Comb Hair Salon
12 Gemmil Lane


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