Sapphire Enzyme serum - Review

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Received my Sapphire Enzyme serum from JJ Beauty for almost a month now and couldn’t be happier to receive it in time for my Bali trip next weekend (3rd March). You might remember me writing about my first Sapphire Enzyme (here) and I am always open to trying out new products – especially one that will help me lose a little bit on the weight department. 
I was told that the new Sapphire Enzyme Serum is formulated in France. As you can see in the photos, it contains blue peppermint particles and with daily use it can actually help reduce the fat under the skin. 

Here are the main ingredients:

1.  Blue Peppermint particles – contains peppermint extract, it protects the skin, helps the fat burning process, relieves stress and fatigue amongst other things

2. Cafeisilane C - Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerates fat metabolism, reduces odema, and effectively lightens cellulite

3. Lubrajel Oil -  An ingredient that can be found in most moisturizers, improves moisture retention, keeping your skin aqueous

4. Collagen Extract – shrinks the pores, aids in skin firming and contributes to skin elasticity

5. L-Carnitine - Decomposes fat acids through an oxidative process

Using the Sapphire Enzyme is a breeze, since a massager is included every time you buy a bottle. I recommend that you use it twice daily, but if you’re like myself who’s rushing in the morning. Then at night time after shower is enough! 

1.    Squeeze Sapphire Enzyme Serum over on shaping part. Gently massage and break the Blue Mint Particles to fully penetrate into the skin.
2.    Blue Mint Particles feels cold after broken. There will feeling warm after few minutes. According the individual thermal sensation circumstances, it may be appropriate to increase or decrease the amount of Sapphire Enzyme Serum.

1.    Avoid contact with eyes. Please rinse with plenty of water until completely feeling not hot if touch into eyes.
2.    Wash your hand clean with hand soap after use.
3.    Not recommended for pregnant lady and people below 10 years old.

Like all things in life, nothing comes in an instant and it’s always better to enjoy something that you’ve worked hard for. The Sapphire Enzyme is not a miracle in a bottle, results may vary per individual. I am personally using it to supplement my exercise and yoga as well as a night moisturizer.  Get your bottle now from or call/sms +60177797668 or +65 8798 6617.

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