PJs top and denim

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The headline is exactly the look that will make your grandma cringe when you step out of the house. Lucky for me, I live alone (away from the judgmental smirks of my conservative folks) so I was able to pull this look out - during broad day light. None of the clothes I'm wearing here are sponsored but I love them so much it should be shared! I got the top (S$9.90)  from MDS Collections, an online and brick-and-mortar store across Singapore. They tend to have very good bargain and deals every so often, so I take advantage of those. I have actually forgotten the last time I paid full price. I got the shorts (S$19.90)  from Temt, an Australian clothing brand, again found in major malls in Singapore. Finally, the heels (S$29.90)  which are super comfortable. I've worn it in the office for 12 straight hours, I climbed the very hilly Lan Kwai Fong area wearing it and have walked through potholes and uneven streets with it - thanks Zalora! Shades are from Celine (FW 2015).


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