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Visited Kenjo Salon almost two weeks ago and as always, I’m so excited to drop by. I always go on Sundays for two reasons – lesser people, more relaxed environment and second I can come to work on a Monday with an awesome blowout. 2 months ago, if you remember I tried two-toned highlights, obviously using Mucota products. Two months after, the shade has lightened up and I’m getting used to this light shade. I will definitely try to bleach my hair so that I can try candy colours towards the holidays. For now, I tried the  Mucota Scena+ treatment done by my favourite stylist, James.  A 5-step treatment using ingredients found in hair itself and especially formulated for Asian hair types.

I always order black coffee! And during my visit, Lotus snacks were given (I had 3!)

The Scalp Spa was applied to my hair and then massaged and then the steamer combed (this is the first time I saw such a device) was used to open the cuticles. The Essence Scalp Cream adds moisture by replenishing the natural moisturizing factor of your hair and scalp.

A or Adel, which is a moisture base treatment was applied and was left for 5 minutes.  This jelly-looking substance contains various elements which penetrates deep into the hair structure, mimicking  natural moisture retention elements that makes hair soft and hydrated. After 5 minutes, I went for a rinse.

B (Brava) and C (Calore) are sprayed and applied simultaneously. B is an intensive hair repair serum that repairs a wide spectrum of damaged  hair, it creates a net-like structure in hair that prevents essential elements from flowing out and improves texture. C is responsible for protecting and sealing the lustre and keeping the hair shiny, smooth and silky for extended periods of time. After the products were applied, I went for a 10-minute easy steam and then I went for a wash.

The final step is the Ethos which basically helps detox and neutralize residual agents left from chemical treatment, thus preventing further damage. It contains silk proteins and ceramaide, which I read improves hair condition.

James is once again doing his magic!

Final result!

I’ve always been a fan of Mucota products, they’re very easy on Asian hair and it doesn’t leave that musty, salon smell afterwards that will make you dizzy. Make sure you set aside around 1.5 hours-2 hours for this treatment. Enjoy 15% discount when you quote my name and look for James!
Still soft and manageable after 3 days!

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