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I really appreciate my collaboration with Kenjo Salon – I’ve reinvented my style multiple times = red highlights, c-curls, various treatments, two-toned highlights. I expect my hair to be dead right now but surprisingly it’s still soft and smooth, probably because of the products they use. Of all the treatments I’ve done with them, they only use Mucota and now they have kindly sponsored a full-size Shampoo and Conditioner bottle specially for my coloured and treated hair. My scalp is actually a bit sensitive and it gets itchy and dry when I’m not used to the brand but so far with all the treatments I’ve done, I haven’t had any allergic reaction whatsoever.

Here's some photos from my treatment day at Kenjo Salon! My hair is oh-so-tamed here and very shiny too, I am impressed. I chose a lighter shade of the new Mucota Botanical Colors because I wasn't ready to bleach my hair yet. And it turn out so nicely, like I bleached it.

First thing I like about the Mucota Shampoo and conditioner is the packaging. It’s made of a clean, hard white plastic bottle. The minimalist in me is jumping with joy! This is also the kind of bottle that when you drop it whilst in the shower, it won’t break and spill all over (Oh, the joy of potential accidents!)

Second, the smell! Not too strong perfumes were mixed, just the right amount to make you feel good and smell fresh. The all –encompassing saying “freshly showered”
Third, it leaves my hair soft. Without the heavy and sticky feel. So even if I head out for lunch under the blazing sun or practice hot yoga my hair and scalp still feels light without the itchy feel!

My recommended directions for usage is below and take note I have short bob hair albeit it’s very thick
1.       Wet your hair completely, wash off any grains, sweat and bad feelings you may have had throughout the day. Drop pea-size shampoo on your palm, and lather your hair and massage your scalp so that the vitamins and minerals can be absorbed!

2.       Wash your hair completely

3.       Apply pea size conditioner on your hair, cover it with a shower cap for 10 minutes while you soap your body. The conditioner acts as a leave-on and would be more effective if you cover with a shower cap

4.       Wash completely and towel dry
The Mucota shampoo and conditioner both retails at S$56 and are available at Kenjo Salon. Visit Mucota's official distributor in Singapore at & Celebrity.
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