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Change as they say is the only thing that is permanent, and although I am a creature of habbit , a religious planner and a schedule stickler there’s one aspect of my life I love changing – my hair. After I drastically cut my hair after my wedding, I’ve been very thirsty to try out new things, more adventurous as the months passed. First, I cut my hair until my shoulders and then I did an S-curl and finally I’m collaborating with Kenjo Salon for a series of hair makeovers. Starting with a short bob. 
The last time I sported this was probably when I was in primary school. Then I tried it again when I started working but, panicked after my hairstylist cut my hair and I grew it long since.  I never thought I would ever wear my hair short (jawline) again during my adult years.  But yearning for a new hair adventure whilst ogling at Taylor Swift’s new bob, I just knew I had to give it a go and just needed the confidence and the right hair salon to do it with.

Thankful for my collaboration with Kenjo Salon, a few scrolls and reads through their Instagram and Facebook pages I knew I will be in good hands. I arrive at their spacious studio at the new wing of Plaza Singapura and was immediately greeted by their receptionist and ushered to my seat. I was asked the drink I wanted – naturally, I asked for coffee at 6 pm. Moments later, Johnson, their Senior Stylist arrived greeting me and asked “What should we do today”. I immediately replied that I wanted to cut it short and showed some photos of my peg. Before diving in to the cutting game – Johnson examined the condition of my hair and gave some advice on how he would style my hair to frame my face. I did tell him I wanted a sharper jawline and smaller face without the aid of surgery and your hair style actually contributes a lot. So obviously I was beaming!

Before arriving at the salon I had this nagging feel that my face might look chubby with short hair, part of me actually didn’t want to go at all. Fortunately, I had that chat with my stylist so all my fears are now set aside. I was sent to wash my hair and throughout the process, the assistant was gracious to ask me how the water temperature was. It was more than fine, I thought. I’m sure I even snoozed a bit in the washroom.

So the cutting begun! At least 2 inches of my hair got cut off but I wasn’t worried at all.  My hair is very thick by the way and screams of volume, so Johnson did some layering to make it sleeker and not puffy. I mean, imagine my bed head to be almost afro-ish right?,  if he just trimmed it without doing the layering cuts. Overall, I am a very happy camper! I would probably keep it to this length for a whole quarter. I immediately took selfies for my own consumption.

I spoke to Joseph, the director at Kenjo Salon and spoke about doing other exciting more things with my hair. They have after all a range of services one can try apart from cutting your hair. They have the highly-raved Mucota Treatement and Volume Rebonding. Good news, every Monday and Tuesday get 15% off all hair services for first time customers.

Kenjo Salon is located at the very accessible Plaza Singapura. Book your appointments by calling 6238 8083 or by e-mailing:
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
Singapore 238839



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