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I’m getting married in a month’s time (3rd of January 2016) and I am freaking out and crazy exhausted! I’m trying to clear and finish all my day job tasks within the 8 hour day but I’m not succeeding, I still need to bring home work. My mom and sister-in-law have been very nice and patient in helping me out and have been doing my wedding errands. I guess in planning your wedding you wouldn’t really know what is missing until you get to the day right? I am just gonna do my best and hope that everything will fall into place! One thing that I would like to personally do is to pick my bridesmaids’ token, this is a super special group of girlfriends that I have and I want to give them an additional item that is special. What better way to spell special than Korean make-up? I’ve been obsessed with Korean make-up for the last 2 years and there’s no stopping me. One of my bridesmaids is from Russia and I’m not sure if Korean make-up is even available there, and this will be a good opportunity for her to try.

Imagine my excitement when I found out about another collaboration with Althea? Previously, I did some beta testing on their Singapore website and I provided my feedback directly to the company.  This time around, they gave me S$50 to spend within the website, I still had S$1 credit left from the last round so that’s S$51. You would think that it’s not a lot of money and that you wouldn’t be able to buy many items, but you are wrong. Since the items are directly shipped from Korea they are definitely cheaper than retail, plus with seasonal offers (like 15% off for Innisfree products) you get value-for-money.

Here is how the interface of looks like – you can filter it by category – make-up, skincare, new arrivals, trendy items etc. Trendy items are curated by Althea’s editors based on survey, market pulse and past purchases.

I filtered it to make-up and sorted the items by price, I need to prepare tokens to 5 bridesmaids and I want to make the most of my dollar (I'll buy the other gift from retail). What I personally do is cart out all the items that I like and then filter them once they’re all in my cart. I purchased the items on 25th of November and I got it on 2nd of December, not bad considering it’s from Korea plus the peak Black Friday Sale. I received it in a limited edition Christmas beauty box and each item is securely bubble-wrapped, you don’t need to worry that your make-up will spill.

This holiday season apart from the Christmas-themed box, expect the following:
  1. Free Shipping with purchases above S$30
  2. S$7 off S$50 purchases with code XMAS-SG
  3. Select discounts from brands
Go shopping with your girlfriend, sister or mom so you guys can save on the shipping fee. You can be generous this Christmas and ship it directly (you can add your own message).


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