Online Shopping : A busy girl’s bestfriend

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I love shopping. I love shopping for clothes and make-up products. I could very much end my blog post there as I know most of my readers are into shopping too. But my post today isn’t just about traditional shopping, but rather virtual shopping or online shopping. I must admit, I wasn’t such a huge fan of online shopping because an order of mine never came and the refund process was too tedious. So I continued my physical shopping but my schedule at work became crazy so I didn’t have any choice but to purchase online again. I was smarter this time as I read reviews of different folks from different sources. I rarely trusted the in-store reviews as it may be tainted so I gathered the information from Instagram, Lookbook, Facebook and my friends. It was not easy obviously as I needed to sift through various sources and it took a lot of time. But thankfully, we now have ShopVenture which is an online shopping review community, whose users are dedicated to sharing their online shopping experiences to help fellow consumers make smart purchase decisions.

I have just signed up myself and have reviewed my favorite stores online. What I love about ShopVenture is that it houses the reviews of practically all the fashion and lifestyle brands in the world so it is as easy as find-and-read and also all my feedbacks go straight to the merchant. For all budding or start up e-commerce owners, you can register your store to reach a wider community of online shoppers and at the same time get a pulse of what the community is saying about your brand so you can improve or continue what you are currently doing. 

Now, I make it a point to go to ShopVenture first to read reviews before I purchase anything online or actually before I purchase anything. For example, I’m moving in to a new house this end of the month so I need new linens and some furniture so I’m definitely checking out the household category and filter the stores that ship to Singapore. I am definitely eyeing a few things now!

Some Pros and Cons for shopping online based on my experience:

1. All you need is an internet connection and your credit card
2. You can find unique and hard-to-find items
3. You can purchase from stores even if they’re not in your country
4. It can be cheaper (sometimes)
1. Since you’re relying heavily on photos – some items may not be true to photo
2. Sizing, material or the style may not fit and the refund process is crazy or non-existent
3. Waiting time
4. Lost mails

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