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3 cups of long black coffee is what I take on regular day, and I consider that a good day. During days I couldn’t function like a human being I drink 5 cups. 1 cup upon reaching work, 1 cup after lunch, another cup during tea break, 1 cup before going to the gym and my last cup after dinner. Despite the large quantities of coffee I drank the entire day, I could still sleep like a baby at night.

This is the main concern I shared with Our Inner Circle when I first had my consultation with them. I have extremely low energy and I have seemingly depended a lot on coffee even on days I have 8 hours of sleep. I badly wanted to cut down on this habit. Although, I’ve read coffee contains anti-oxidants that is good for our bodies it is still diuretic which means it helps to flush liquids out of our bodies which includes water and therefore contributes to drying our skin. And I don’t need that happening to me. As it is my skin is already dry! 

Our Inner Circle suggested me the Elusyf programme which I need to go through for 30 days. The Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 is a breathrough formula encapsulating cell therapy into a convenient and effective oral supplement with the specific aim to help one slow down the aging process. This is quite timely since I’m literally “ageing” in a week’s time.

I’m not really good at keeping a schedule, there are even weeks that I forget to drink my Vitamin C and only when I start coughing do I remember to drink it. I set up my alarm at 9:30 am everyday so that I won’t forget to drink the pill. I fell ill on the first 3 days of the programme so I stopped because it would just be a waste and my body will reject it anyway. I continued again when I stopped taking medications after 4 days. 

One of the key benefits of taking Elusyf is that it helps facilitate healthier skin because of cell growth. Other users of Elusyf provided testimonies that one of the benefits is wrinkle reduction, hair growth and wound recovery. My personal experience is that I feel more energised. I cut down my coffee intake by a cup or two! I could also sleep better at night and I’ve been waking up without the sluggish feeling.
The recommended consumption is 1-2 capsules before meals for the first 3 months and 1 capsule during the succeeding months for maintenance purposes.

Elusyf is exclusively distributed by Our Inner Circle. 36 Kaki Bukit Place #05-01, Singapore 416214.

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