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I’m a sucker for schedules and planners. I note down my daily things to do at work, I plan weekend activities the weekend before, I have reminders for my yoga classes and important birthdays. I like everything planned for and if there are things that don’t go my way I get somehow frustrated. Thankfully, I have a helping hand which ticks out one thing in my “Things to worry about list” (Believe me, it’s a very long list) – and that’s managing my monthly visitor. 

I’ve recently signed up with Blissybox after learning about their no-frills programme. I thought it always came in a big box with all the shebangs and since I’m quite easy every month, I don’t have cravings or mood swings I just literally need pads. I’m quite please I could get my pads 7 days before my schedule, so I’m literally red-dy :)

I received the pads direct in my mail in a polymailer and it came with a handwritten note from the founder, Anna.

If you haven’t signed up thinking it’s too tedious, then you’re wrong. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
1.       Step 1 :Choose your plan
This basically asks what your period is like and there are 6 options from Pads only, light, organic and heavy. 

2.       Step 2: Customize
Depending on the plan chosen, you have the option mixing and matching 10 to 20 items, and pick the brands that you like. Tampons, Pads and liner options are available.

3.       Step 3: Synching up
You input your cycle so can Blissybox can send it to you in time.

Not convenienced yet? Then maybe a 25% off your first box this GSS period will change your mind. Visit and follow them in Instagram to be updated.

Romper from Love Bonito | Nails c/o Prettify Me | Earrings c/o WTF.wearthisfashion | Nails - Vintage from mum | Watch - Rolex


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