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Hello all,

Sorry, I have been out for a long time. I have been very busy since late last year as I just switched jobs. I think I have already adjusted so I am definitely back to blogging. The first good news I would like to share with you all is this new app called Pixaroll - which literally turns your photos into mementos in just a few swipes and taps.

I recently went to Japan with Vince, visiting Kyoto and Tokyo. Both cities are so beautiful and each carries their own story. Tokyo as we know is a bustling metropolis, while Kyoto on the other hand is very laid-back and quaint. We took lots of beautiful photographs of the sights, the food, the people and of course, ourselves just enjoying everything.

I did not want the photos we took to end up in the in the bottomless pit of photographs in my hard drive. I wanted them to be usable so I used Pixaroll to print 12 stickers I could use for my scrap books and letters.

In just a few easy steps - you can have your own memento too!

1. Simply download the app from your Apple or Google Play store.

2. You can choose from different types of items to transform your photos to - frames, artfie covers, magnets, wall posters, stickers, chop block and photo print. I chose the stickers as they are handy and are also the newest addition to the roster of products.


3. Pick the photos from your camera roll or Instagram

4. After you have chosen the photos, you may still crop or rotate it if they are not in order

5. Input your address and payment details
6. Wait patiently for the mailman to deliver your item!

What I love about Pixaroll is it's very easy to use, I share some of my best photos on Instagram so I like that it's linked there. They will also be launching a desktop version soon, for those who keep their photos in their hard drive. The second thing I love is the variety of items I can turn my photos to - for the stickers per se I can choose from 12 to 24 pieces and the size as well. Finally, the price range is reasonable $0.65 (for photo prints) to $60 for your artfie phone cover.

Note that you need to resize your photos to become square. For example, I forgot to do that, so I ended up with some white spaces. Also, so it wouldn't look pixelated you should pick photos with high resolution.

Overall, I'm giving this a thumbs up! Perfect gift to yourself and for your loved ones. Get 15% discount if you quote HANNA (valid until 31st of March 2015).

Jumpsuit from Hollyhoque | Necklace from Colette Hayman | Earrings c/o wtfwearthisfashion