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One fashion myth that I would like to bust is the one on wearing print on print. Our moms would say it's tacky, our workplace may say it's informal and our friends would think we just didn't have time to do our laundry! But print on print done well could actually be very classy, and of course it increases the mileage of your printed clothes.

Here are some of my personal tips on how to ace this look:

1. Same colour palette

You may want to contrast floral and striped prints, but both in pink. You might instead opt for your prints to juxtapose animal and checks, but both are brown and black. Get the drift? As long as both are of the same colour palette, go on and pair them!

For example, I combined a black and white vertical stripes top with a houndstooth skirt, and yet it was still very acceptable at work!

Top - Le Chic SG | Bottom - H&M | Shoes - Payless


Another one is my red striped polo on my palm tree red shorts.

Top - H&M | Bottom - Zara | Shoes - Zara | Necklace - Lovisa | Hat - Daiso

2. Use complementary colours

This is a great way to brighten up your wardrobe. Complementary colours go well together, as the name suggests. 

For those who need a quick review, I'm attaching a photo of the wheel. Basically, opposite sides of the wheel complement each other. So whatever print you are wearing, it would certainly look darn good with a complementary colour despite the different print.

Image from Image with Joy

Blazer - c/o Miamore SG | Romper - Zara | Shoes - Charles and Keith

3. Same geometric prints

Formula: Match straight lines with anything linear, match circular lines with curves. That's it! Easy right? Now go raid your wardrobe!
Top - Zara | Skirt - MDS Collections | Shoes - Charles and Keith | Watch - Casio

Bad hair day?

Dress - Topshop | Blazer - c/o Miamore SG | Shoes - Topshop

4. Creative theme

Now here's my favorite, and it requires a bit (a lot) of creativity. You can build a scenario or a story with your clothes, but try not to be so completely abstract that even your best friend wouldn't get what you are trying to say.

In the example below, the trousers are the leopard's body and legs, and my top is the head. I am the leopard. It rests where I sit, goes where I turn and stares where I face.

Top - from a Flea ($33cents!) | Joggers - Zara | Shoes - Charles and Keith

5. Mix different textures

We're not limited to colours or prints, honey. Textures can also be mixed and matched! My favorite of all is leather! Leather can be worn with almost anything! (I dare not say with everything, because I can't imagine leather with silk. At least for me, I don't think I could pull it off.)

Leather roughens up and androgynizes your look. For ladies who think that wearing a girly dress with heels is too, well, girly, you can drape over a leather jacket!

I paired my leather shorts with a soft chiffon top and wore platform oxfords

I paired a denim with leather shoulders with an animal print mesh skirt

Top and Skirt c/o Miamore SG | Necklace - Stylist's own | Shoes - Charles and Keith


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