Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary x Reigndane

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Got an invitation to the Cosmopolitan's 3rd year birthday bash and Awards night for the Fun Fearless Females last Friday, 12th of September. And they had me at free flow drinks :) I have not been to f.Club in Clark Quay so I was a bit concerned that I might not find it. But trust Cosmo to be so extravagant that you could tell from a pretty good distance where the party was. The goodie bag was amazing and since the fiancé came with me, I am obviously taking over his! Congratulations to all the finalists this year and Happy Birthday again Cosmo SG! Special shoutout to my friend, b-school classmate and personal life coach Yasmine Khater for being nominated! x Love you!

What's a party without a goodie bag?

The event's theme was red, but since I am the type who likes to break the rules, I decided to go for a totally different colour scheme :) I've always been known to be a fan of all black numbers- the simplicity, the thinning effect, the ease of taking it from day to night. But because of the weather (Is it just me or has it been getting crazy hot in Singapore?) I've recently been opting for lighter silhouettes and colours and have been growing fond of wash-out-white ensembles.


Necklace c/o | Bag - Colette Hayman | Shoes - Charles and Keith

I picked the White Two-Tiered Sleeveless Top (RP S$ 25.00) and White Slim Fit Jeans (On SALE at S$20.00, RP S$22.00) from Reigndane's current collection. I was actually pretty scared my legs would look wide in white bottoms, like with my other trousers, but I was very delighted that the Reigndane jeans actually made them slimmer than usual! What attracts me most to the brand is that it is very trendy but at the same time you can still wear it for work. Which I did. I went to work at 9 am like usual, went for back-to-back meetings until of end-of-day and went to the party without feeling an inch of being overdressed, or out of place in either instance.

Being nosy, I went to do some research about Reigndane as the name is quite unusual. I actually thought it was the name of the owners combined... haha :) But here's what they told me:


Why Reigndane?
"Reign" means having power over something, while "dane" shares rather similar pronunciation to "daint" and alludes to femininity. The combination of these two words simply symbolizes our belief that every woman can look beautiful by taking control of their style and knowing the apparel styles that flatter their body types.

How was Reigndane founded?

Reigndane was founded by an avid fashion lover, who enjoys spending her time experimenting with different combinations of apparels in her wardrobe and dabbling in handcrafted jewelry. Like most women, she enjoys shopping trips with her friends and also keeps  herself up to date with the fashion scene. Through these shopping trips, she realised that some women feel bothered by certain features of their bodies, making them feel less confident in the clothes they wear. She believes that every woman, regardless of her body type or shape, can look beautiful as long as she understands the type of apparel that can accentuate the beauty of her body type.

Reigndane was thus conceptualised with the hopes of inspiring and empowering women to embrace their individuality and be confident about their image, through our range of fashionable and affordable apparels and accessories, that allows their personalities to shine through every occasion- from work to play.



They are in the midst of preparing for their next launch so follow them on Instagram @reigndane and on their Facebook page to be in the loop!


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