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I started to watch what I was eating at 25 after my year in Spain because I was mad unhealthy then - binge eating and drink on a weekly basis. Then I moved to Singapore and became more of an outdoors person – with outdoors came exercise and eating clean. Instead of eating rubbish (yet delicious food), I opted for quality. Eating organic comes with a price tag but it’s all worth it. Coupled with regular exercise, I lost a total of 7KG in a span of 5 months and never felt better about myself.

I’m going to be honest, I only started my skincare regimen at 28. I’m going to be honest again, I turned 31 this year. With the seemingly abundance of skincare out there and being a blogger means I get to try a lot of choices and boy are there tons. 

I’ve tried everything from US products (my mom travels to the US thrice a year, so my stash is healthy) to French, and Asian (Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese).  Organic in skincare seems like an overplay when you come to think? But it isn’t in fact. If we care so much in what we eat and digest, shouldn’t we care too what we apply on our face on a daily basis? The skin penetrates and absorbs some of the products we apply. I read somewhere that it is on the high 60% absorption rate. If you come to think of it, you don’t want to subject yourself to too much chemicals and synthetics so in the long-run it is actually healthier for your body. 
Organic skincare products are made of plant-derived ingredients along with some other naturally occurring ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO and other chemicals. These chemicals whilst already harming the body is also harmful to the environment. The production of said synthetic chemicals leaves a massive carbon footprint and then when we use and wash it off it goes into the environment which again takes years to disintegrate as it is not 100% biodegradable. 

Organic skincare might seem expensive now just like organic food, but in the long run since your body is healthier – it is more value-for-money. As you age, the body take more time to regenerate healthy cells, meaning health medical cost is more expensive as you grow older. At least when you take care of your health and wellness now, you would reap the benefits of it when you’re older. 

There are a lot of organic skin care products in the market now, one should always be wary of the authenticity and integrity of the company. I for one am more or less in favour of those who support sustainable farming and ingredients production. Some prefer those who support local and community development. For those out there who’s still looking for their Organic Skincare partner you can check out Black Paint Singapore. 

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