Icon Pads: A review

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I try to exercise and practice yoga everyday – again, the operating word here is I try. The intention is clearly there but due to unavoidable circumstances or excuses, I skip! Some of the excuses I’ve used on myself to skip sessions are the following – lack of sleep, too much work, weather is unbearable and I’m traveling. The one excuse I haven’t used so far is having a period – and I would like to keep it that way!

Because I have an active lifestyle, I have some essential requirements for my feminine pads
  •  Cotton cover – I don’t want the plastic feel on my body
  • No leakage – especially since I do a lot of stretching and running
  • Thin but with high absorption rate (because I don’t want the bulge effect on my tights
The very popular Icon pads from Taiwan is finally here, and I’m happy I got to try the entire range. The key differentiating factor of this brand is the herbal ingredient mixed in the pad which creates the cooling effect.

Let’s talk about the packaging
Icon pads come in 4 different varieties:
1.      Light blue which is iCool Day use 
2.       Pink which is iCool Night care 
3.       Dark blue which is iCool Extra Long Night Care 
4.       Green which is the pantyliners

These varieties of colour make it easy to pick and determine depending what stage of the cycle you’re in. The packaging can be sealed back, so you don’t have to worry of your pads being exposed to dust and dirt or it getting wet especially if you keep your pads in the bathroom or leave some in your gym bag.

Let’s talk about the pads
The pads are individually packed in tissue wrapper and is sealed off with a tape. Actually, it’s sealed off so well it’s hard to peal it off. Once you open the pad you can immediately smell the herbal essence eg. “Tiger balm” scent. The finish is cottony soft and breathable.
The day-use pads are just 24 cm thick. I like the fact that it can discretely fit my small purse and doesn’t leave a bulge on my tights when I wear them (see photos below).
So, I’ve tried the pads and yes they’re very minty. It’s like using mouthwash down there (if you know what I mean). It would last only a few minutes though. Because the feeling is quite new, I still get surprised whenever I put on a fresh one but then after a while (like 4 times) I’m already used to it. The minty smell also washes away the smell.
I’m a messy sleeper, I toss and turn and I drop all the pillows on the floor. I’m happy that my pads were intact without any seepage when I woke up!

I would recommend Icon pads for people who like cottony-soft covers and who can take the minty smell (because some people don’t like the smell). Also, those who are comfortable with thin pads since some people are more comfortable to use thick pads (they feel that it absorbs more).

The icon pads, priced at $3.65 per pack is available at www.iconpads.com.sg. Like their page at www.facebook.com/icon99.sg for promotions!