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I popped by The Comb SG last week, during the eve of Vesak Day because my hair needs some TLC. The last time I dropped by was a month and so ago so it’s just about time! As always I was asked my drink of choice and I opted for Chamomile instead of my usual cappuccino (NOTE: their cappuccino is actually good and I’m a coffee snob, believe me I know!). I met my stylist Cici who asked me want I wanted to do with my hair – I responded with “up to you”. And that’s what you call, trust, people. I know whatever she suggests I will like it. Cici and all of the stylists at Comb actually take time to sit down and listen to their clients’ needs. They check the suitability to the hair and would reject service if they feel it’s not appropriate and would suggest something better. I have observed this time and time again, even though they’re very busy with both walk-in and with-appointment customers. Cici suggested that I do some highlights which is a new trend in Japan right now. She showed me a photo from Instagram and asked me again, “is that alright?” Which I responded with a beaming “Of course, you would know better”.

Take note that I haven’t had this type of highlight before, neither the colour as I thought it would not suit me. But because I knew I was heading to Japan (NOTE: I’m in Japan as I’m posting this) and I was in good hands, now is the right time! With a process that just ran over an hour, you can literally change your look from zero to hero. I would suggest this look to anybody who a. already has coloured hair b. who doesn’t have time to do a head full of highlights c. who wants a game-changer look.

I believe the colour and the style suits me well because my hair is so thick (I am lucky life gave me volume) and I’m tanner now (thanks beach). I’ve wanted to up my “just-gone-to-the-beach” look and this spells PERFECT. I was also advised by Cici to do regular home treatments eg. hair mask and conditioner since I colour my hair timely. Sharing a photo series from that session and stay-tuned for my other hair adventures with them.

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