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Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season began (way before), I paid a visit to Kenjo Salon. As always, I'm excited to see what hairstyle I'll be sporting when I head home. I know I am due for a haircut, but I am also in the mood to refresh my hair colour. My stylist, James never fails to surprise me. He decided on the colour - ash brown and ash purple, using Davines hair colour.

I've had a total of 3 colour changes this year, refreshing it every 2 months. Before that, I only sported my natural colour because I was so afraid to damage and dry my hair. But with the proper hair colour products and after-care, your hair will maintain it's luster and texture. I found that both Mucota and Davines products are good with my hair - I don't get dry and itchy scalp, nor hair breakage after excessive colouring. The entire process took around 2 hours to complete, haircut and hair colour combined. Note that I had light brown highlights done in August and this was the resulting colour. I advise that you ask your stylist what's best for your current hair colour, skin colour and features!

With the Chinese New year beckoning in barely a month, make sure to book your appointments at Kenjo Salon early. Get 15% discount off all services when you quote my name and look for James :)
Visual-heavy post upcoming, let's make the hair colour speak for itself!


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Cut and cut
My stylist James in action

This is my hair colour!

After 2 hours :)

After 3 days, shots taken in Atlanta.  I swear I love my hair combined with the autumn background!

After 2 weeks, back in Singapore :)