I practice yoga for mental and emotional clarity

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I am far from being called a yogi, although I've been practicing for one and a half years now. Let me digress a bit because it's actually quite funny how I got into it (yoga). One very boring weekend, I was alone, I had zero plans and not even the idea of online shopping could cheer me up. I called up a girlfriend and demanded that we hangout together. She said she was going to a Bikram class and I should to.  For the yoga-noobs or the don't-cares, Bikram is a 90-minute hot class made up of 26 postures. When I say hot, we're talking 39-42 degrees. It's guaranteed to make you sweat so please swipe an extra layer of deodorant ladies. So, back to my story. Armed with a 1-Litre water and the determination to finish the class without fainting or crying due to sheer torture. I survived and funnily enjoyed yoga. To tell you frankly, I was a bit cynical about yoga before I started practicing- I've always been the tough-love sporty girl i.e. football, gymnastics, running, cheerleading-ish. I thought yoga would be too slow and just be about stretching. Well, it was not. I immediately signed up for a package and got hooked all the way. I dropped my gym membership and I just practice yoga and if invited, I run with friends.

But after moving houses last September (why I moved is another blog entry, one that I would write with a bottle of wine in tow), I haven't gone for 2 full months. I work in the Telok Ayer slash Tanjong Pagar area and as I was leisurely walking down Cecil street I saw Freedom Yoga. Just my luck! My office is literally behind it, it would take me 4 minutes door-to-door with the majority of the time taken up by waiting for my office lift (eff, that really takes forever!). The convenience, the cleanliness, mad friendliness of the teachers and the receptionist coupled by the ambience, it took me one class to sign up for a package. Take note, this is not a sponsored post :) Also, because it is convenient I sometimes also use their loo for emergency purposes if you know what I mean.

Here's some shots inside the studio.


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