Shopping for a cause

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Sounds like an oxymoron isn't it? In today's world where it seems like we have almost forgotten what luxury is. For example, I find it okay (and normal) to pay for a $5 cappuccino in CBD or spend $15 for a pint of beer because hell, I deserve it. But for the underprivileged, and I don't want to sound preachy and hypocrite. $5 can already buy a meal for a family of 5, probably two meals depends on which place we are talking about. I got to know of Another Sole from my colleague and I thought at first it would be another shoe brand trying to break into the market. But as I was picking my shoe style (they have gazillion colours and textures to choose from), I realised that every pair you buy, they use a part of the profits to purchase a meal for the underprivileged or underfunded orphanages in SEA.

Heck, the tagline should have given it away "Buy one, feed one" but I can be jaded at times (hehe) So as we all scramble for Christmas presents for ourselves and for our loved ones, consider Another Sole as part of your Christmas wish list. All the shoes is made of 100% leather and I guarantee you, it is super damn comfy. Like what my Instagram post says, it's like walking in clouds. Don't believe me? Try one for yourself, it's available in Tangs.

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My pair was sponsored by the brand.