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If you’re like me who doesn’t have time to blow dry your hair every morning before going to the office or school but you still want to let your hair down and have that smooth and managed look, then fret not, Kenjo Salon might just have the solution for you – C-curls. Thankful for my collaboration with Kenjo Salon, I have tried various treatments and upped my look several times. Before I went to Europe last April, I dropped by Kenjo Salon to add some highlights on my bob. I chose red, because I wanted a colour that would stand out but not so radical that I’d risk losing my day job. Almost 2 months after and my red highlights are still intact, I might drop by the end of the month for some touch-ups or change in colour – perhaps brown? 


For those of you who haven’t been to Kenjo Salon but are planning to or not entirely sure what to expect, you can read on my post here. But for those who are ready to embark on doing some C-curls, let me share some 101 and my own experience. C-curl is a Korean hair trend that emerged around 2 years back, quite simply put, it’s curling your hair (using the same techniques as rebonding) into the shape of a letter C. The look fits any type of hair length in fact – bob, shoulder length and even long hair. It tames and maintains the ends of the hair making it office-presentation or girls-night-out ready!  As I was saying, I was traveling in Europe for almost 3 weeks under the harsh sun, combine it with the humid weather so my hair was totally fried! I need a hair makeover badly.

After checking the condition of my hair and trimming it a bit, senior stylist James gave the go signal that my hair was ready to be treated with the 2-step Mucota C-curl treatment. It is important to consult with your stylist first because the c-curl treatment will not work for all hair types. The processing time, depending on your hair length and volume varies from 3 to 5 hours. Mine took a total time of 3 hours to fix. After washing my hair, a protein mist was applied to process my hair, it was then wrapped in cellophane to hold the product better.

After that my hair was blown dry, my hair is really thick that’s why even this process took a few minutes. Then, the Mucota C-curl treatment product was applied and then my hair was curled. This process took the longest, almost close to an hour. 

During this time I wanted to use the restroom, but I couldn't walk around the mall with curlers :)

This was applied to my hair to keep it manageable

After washing my hair for the second time, a smoothing serum was applied to protect my hair after treatment. My hair was blown dried again and voila, I’m ready to have great hair days ahead of me. 
Senior Stylist James

Again, depending on your hair type again, the c-curls may last from 2- 6 months. Remember to quote my name to get 15% discount off all services.


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