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I can’t help it! I cut my hair again, thanks to Johnson from Kenjo Salon (watch out for my blog post). Loving my short bob to bits and I’ve taken countless selfies for my consumption. What I love about my hair is that it’s voluminous, what I hate about my hair is that it’s dull and dry. I change my shampoo and conditioner often because my scalp becomes itchy after some time of continuous use. I’ve consulted with my dermatologist and she said I should avoid shampoo that contains silicone. So what I have been doing then is to use a regular shampoo and then apply Argan oil once I style it. Was very excited then to try out Moist Diane Extra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and Smooth hair oil.

I tried the smooth hair oil first, brought it with me to my 2-day Vietnam business trip. And what can I say, the lightweight hair oil is filled with Moroccan Argan oil, so with just a few drops your hair will be shiny – without the greasy feel. Fun fact! I fell in love with Argan oil when I went to Morocco in 2011, I use it not only for my hair – but for my nails, hands and sometimes I drop a few to my shower gel.

I then tried the Extra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Scalp is not itchy at all and shine is maintained throughout the day (even without blowdrying my short bob). Loved it so much, I brought it with me to my business trip to Boston (even though they are travel sizes because it’s super worth it!).
The Extra Shine range contains Platinum Hair Fibres that smoothens out the hair’s damaged and fizzy surface. It is silicone-free too so it is definitely roots and scalp friendly.

I will definitely be trying out the other range too – Moist & Shine, Volume & Scalp and Extra Damage Repair.


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