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Music is part of my daily routine, part of my life in fact.  While I prepare in the morning, I play music, during the commute to work, I plug in my earphones, when I’m stressed at work and I need to concentrate I plug in my earphones when I go to the gym or go running I plug in my earphones. That’s why I was very delighted to receive an invitation to attend the media event of Harman/Kardon last 23rd of June.

Harmon/Kardon event at Royal Plaza in Scotts

Harman/Kardon has been a household name and I’m not kidding – they have all sorts of products for everything in the house and well, the car. There are three big names that they carry, Harman/Kardon which you might have seen in car stereos, AKG which is quite popular among music professionals and live bands and JBL which I think is the brand that most of my generation is accustomed to. But there’s one thing all of these brands have in common – quality. Quality, even music and sound purists can attest to.

Upon reaching the venue, I saw some products displayed and I couldn’t help myself. They were so pretty and such eye candy that I started playing and taking photos of all of it.

Maarten, pictured here introduced the range of headphones including the unreleased N90Q which comes in gold and black and is slated to retail at S$2199.

Andy Tsui, Director of Product Planning and Strategy showed us the range of wireless speakers and explained how durable their products were by dropping it on the floor and he even poured water on one of the speakers to demonstrate.

Of course in any media event, the fun part is the goodie bag! I got a JBL Synchros Reflect BT which I already have and have been using religiously. I guess this new piece will go to the fiancé. Read my previous review here. I’ thrilled for the Flip 2 though! Literally the weekend before when we were entertaining guests during our joint birthday party, my friends complained why we didn’t have a proper speaker (what I had was a generic “burger” speaker which I got when I applied for a credit card) and that we should invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker. As if the music gods heard me and gifted me with not just a proper speaker – but a very proper one at that. I immediately engaged the fiancé to set it up and we’ve been playing music the whole night testing how far the Bluetooth can reach. I’m also excited to invite friends over so I can show them my new toy.

Thank you IMS Marketing, the distributor of Harman/Kardon products in Singapore, Originally.us and Harman/Kardon Singapore for the invite.


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