If money was no object

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When asked the question, if money was no object, what will you do? Without batting an eyelash my answer is TRAVELLING. Sadly, travelling is expensive. Without having reached the destination, you’ve already spent a couple of hundreds (or thousands!) on your airfare depending on the destination. Then you have to spend on your accommodation, food, tours and shopping.  I’m quite lucky, my day job includes covering the region and therefore I get to “escape” every now and then.  

I’m such a city girl so my favorite travel destinations are definitely bustling metropolitans and topping my list are – Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong.

But, we shouldn’t fret seeing the world one paycheck at a time since Entertainer is here. Ever since I downloaded the app a couple of weeks back, I’ve gained weight taking advantage of 1-for- 1 offers  from well-known dining establishments in Singapore.  But Entertainer isn’t just available domestic nor is it limited on dining establishments alone.  They have attractions, spas and hotels across 42 destinations in 17 countries.  During the Hot Summer Nights promotion from the 1st May to 31st August 2015, Entertainer Members can book one night, get one free; book two nights, get two free or even book three nights and get three free.

The Hot Summer Nights promotion features an amazing selection of hotels and resorts throughout the Middle East, Asia and Indian Ocean.  Destinations include: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the Maldives. Vince and I are planning to go Maldives for our honeymoon so I would definitely be taking advantage of this promotion!

Some photos during the Hot Summer Nights launch at The Bank Bar and Bistro last 26th May 2015.

with Jean, the Marketing Manager for Singapore

Met a new friend :)

 For more information, visit The Entertainer website.  



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