Mobile dating app, perhaps?

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If you've ever tried online dating or mobile dating apps, I think you'll find that as long as you're female, you'll be bombarded by men looking for flings and casual relationships. The existing market for dating apps seem to mainly cater to guys, and not to the female population at all. But, I recently got to know of this app, LunchClick and it's so different than all the other apps out there!

Fuss-free and safe. Download and build your personal profile!

LunchClick is easy to use and as mentioned above, it's Singapore's first female-centric app. I like the fact that NRIC is required! The app checks the SDN database (Social Development Network) of the Ministry of Social and Family Development to ensure that nobody is married. It also checks the Facebook profiles and rejects people with fake profiles or those whose relationship status shows that they are attached. It's hard to find true love these days so the people behind LunchClick wants to ensure that only genuine singles with the right reasons are within the database.

I built my personal profile :)
The app is also abuse-free! Meaning, there's only one match per day. Users wouldn't be able to swipe right endlessly to check out profiles! This means that females won't be bombarded by messages from those guys who message everyone without looking at their profiles.

Are you ready to try the app? Simply go to the app store or play store to download it. And here's more good news! For the first 1000 users who use the "propose a date" feature and go on a real life date, LunchClick will sponsor your meals! Yes, you read it right! You'll go on a free date with your potential "The One". What are you waiting for? Download LunchClick now from GooglePlay or Apple App Store.

Ofcourse, like with anything else. I would encourage you to exercise caution and good judgment in using any app and when going on dates! Enjoy! :)


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