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Thanks to the internet and Google, you can literally find everything you need with just a few taps and clicks. I’m one of those folks who types “nail salon near Tanjong Pagar” or “good spas near Somerset” and my decision depends heavily on the top search result on Google. That’s not always good though, because there’s such a thing as search engine optimization (SEO)  which according to the Business Dictionary refers to the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site's visibility in search engine results. Websites sometimes do this by creating better content, but this could also be done by “purchasing” visibility. A more accurate but a slightly more tedious process is to read reviews done via parallel blogs. This is the safer way when you have the luxury of time, not when you want to do something on the fly.

Scenario: You’re on the bus ride home and you realized you have a few hours to spare so why not spend it on a new manicure?

Scenario 2: The next movie is not until an hour, why not have that haircut you’ve been pushing off?

Mefitted does this and more. My fiance’s trusted hairstylist moved to a different outlet, and sadly, one that is far from where we live. Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I promised to help him find a replacement. So I did my search the way that I always do and found that there were 6 barbershops and salons within a 10 km radius. Now, I don’t have time to search up each outlet and read reviews from various sources. But I still need to find a place that could do a good job or suffer from rants about his hair for a week (or as soon as it grows back to a decent level).

With Mefitted, not only can you find a directory of grooming, beauty and style but you can also find reviews and ratings from those who have tried the place. So I read a few (more like a bunch - it’s addictive!) and I signed up yesterday to give a few reviews myself since I know it would help a bunch of folks who might be needing help as well! You can try it out yourself – since it’s free - and contribute to keeping this community of reviewers alive. Apart from that, when you sign up as a Mefitter, you will be entitled to discounts in-store at participating businesses!

Why don’t you try it today?

Opt to search for businesses near a certain location or via the business name. If you want to check the Islandwide directory, then just filter it by either – Hair, Face, Body or Nails.

I chose to search “Somerset”. Then the search resulted to tons of businesses so I filtered it out further, and since this is for Vince I chose to filter it by Men/Barber.
After which I read the reviews and ratings of the other Mefitters before I decided.

Sign up today J As a mefitter or as a business


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