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Have you ever browsed Instagram pages and got jealous of the perfectly-fixed hair of bloggers or the beach-wavy hair of Victoria’s secret angels? You’re there in your jammies looking at their photos and watching their videos but you think to yourself, “Hey, I don’t have time for that”. Well neither do I J

Thankfully, my hair is cut short bob, but because my hair speaks of volumes and when I say volume –it’s really thick! Sometimes, I want to style my hair too, when I’m attending events where I know everybody will be dressed to the nines and all but because I have short hair it’s a bit of a challenge to be creative.  I’ve tried other brands of styling irons before, but they end up being either too heavy or worst it burns my hair. And I found out about Glam Palm through the Smitten team and I’m happy they have different sizes of hair iron, I chose the one that suits my hair perfectly  - GP201 (short to medium hair)


Let’s talk packaging

Talk about fancy packaging, Glam Palm came in a nice sturdy box and a clutch. Yes, a clutch. I’m seriously considering bringing the clutch out one of these days because it looks like a designer pouch that is nicely handcrafted. So you don’t need to worry about untwisting the cords or packing them when you’re traveling, because you can slot it in nicely in the black clutch.


Let’s talk about using it

Truth be told I’m still fairly new in this styling-hair business, like I said my old hair iron was so heavy, I get tired after a few minutes. But the GP201 is very light at 232g, even the fun size me can go on and on for decades. Just plug the Glampalm styler and set it between 100 C to 200 C, I prefer to set it 150 C. Make sure your hair is dry, quite a part from the fact that using anything with electricity on something wet is dangerous, it’s actually quite damaging for the hair cuticle.



Separate your hair into sections, the package comes with 2 hair clips so thick-hair girls like me can part their hair nicely. I personally start with my front hair moving towards the back just so when I run out of time I know my hair looks good in front.


After using, of course turn off the styler – but in case you forget, it will automatically shut down in 60 minutes. Place the styler with the heat resistant cap and keep it away from children (nephews, nieces or boyfriends)


The Hair Straightener retails at S$299, but good news for the month of August, you get S$50 off when you quote Smitten50 when you checkout at


Some other features that I’d like to highlight are:

1.       Dual safety  device

“Thermal fuse” – prevents overheating

“Sleep mode” Power gets automatically turned off when not in use for 60 mins

2.       Universal voltage – can be used anywhere in the world

3.       Comes with a year warranty!


You can find more information via their Instagram, or Facebook page






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