In the mood for black

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I admit when I'm lazy I just throw on anything black and pray it works - well 99% of the time it does! There are tons of of blog posts and write ups out there listing black must have items and this is my contribution to society.

5 Black Wardrobe Essentials of the Season
1. Fedora Hat
I've been donning and spamming my outfits with fedora hats. Office attire instantly becomes Girls-Night-Out-ready and plain outfits suddenly becomes vacay worthy. I got my piece from Daiso for S$2!!! I swear, that place has some serious good finds!

Pants - Zara, Shoes - Zara , Bag - Chanel, Vest - The Editor's Market , Inner top - Forever 21
2.  A carry-all tote

I mean, need I say more? Granted that I am freakishly fond of carrying my clutches and cross-body bags but honestly I can only fit in my phone, credit cards, house keys and a glossy or powder (at best). Totes can take you places - seriously. My Dior Panarea Tote Bag (2014 edition) which I got from the HK airport last January saved me countless times already. I stack up my work papers, notebook, sandwich for lunch, sometimes my gym clothes, shawl and cardigan for traveling, ipads and charges, my full make-up kit and more!
Dress - Love Bonito, Shoes - H&M, Necklace - Lovisa, Hat - H&M

3. Strappy heels

You will always see me in heels, unless ofcourse you see me in Yoga class where I'm barefoot. Standing at 158 cm, I grew up feeling rather conscious and sad of my height. But I guess it's all depends on your perspective, I have a friend who stands at 179 cm and she hates it.

Strappy sandals makes any outfit feminine, pair it with denims and and a white crisp shirt and voila you can go to a hot date. Even typical errands such as going for your coffee run makes the activity very sexy. I got the pair below from Zara (Manila, Philippines), on sale ofcourse for around S$20. Most of my shoes are actually from Zara like 50% of my shoe collection. They're damn comfy and affordble when you purchase it during sale season.
I lived in Spain for a year and I regretted not hoarding shoes back.

Dress - Love Bonitp, Bag - Chanel, Shades - Rayban

4. Culottes

I must admit, I wasnt a huge fan of culottes when it re-appeared last year which is why you wouldn't see me in culottes ever up until like August this year. As confessed above, I'm very petite and never really though that culottes would look good on me. But, paired with a feminine and sleek shoes like the one below then you're all set. For October alone I think I've bought around 8 pieces of culottes - I wear them to work and it's a cut between pants and skirts. It's so comfy and versatile.

5. Cape

Yah, yah it's warm in Singapore and it doesn't feel quite right to be throwing over a cape. But most of us stay indoors anyway right? I like wearing capes because I can almost where anything underneath and then throw my cape and get on with life. I can wear for example a very short bodycon dress without fearing that the HR might hound on me. Pair it with denim shorts and a white shirt and you're ready for an all-girls' brunch or a movie date with the boyfie.


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